In ballet, an attitude is a position of the leg that is similar to an arabesque. Attitudes are
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widely popular in ballet classes, performances and other styles of dance. 

Attitude How ToEdit

An attitude is a position in which the dancer stands on one leg while the other leg is lifted and turned out with the knee bent at a 90 degree angle. The leg in the air can be placed in front of the body, on the side of the body or lifted in back. The dancer's foot must be in line with the knee, while remaining fully turned out and pointed. The dancer's supporting leg can be either raised from the ground or flat on the floor. 

Notice in the picture that the dancer's body remains elevated. Her stomach is tucked in nicely; her shoulders are down, and her head is raised high. Dancers should strive for a straightened supporting leg while keeping a wide turn out. 

Aside from being an attractive pose, attitudes are a great way for a dancer to stretch out his or her hip and upper leg muscles without straining the body. Attitude swings, where the dancer's leg moves from front to back in an attitude position, are a great way to warm up before a performance.