A ballet class is held in a ballet studio containing mirrors, ballet barres, and open space for centre work. The class can last anywhere from half an hour to several hours in length. A classical ballet class is traditionally divided into two parts, barre work and centre work.

Barre WorkEdit

The first half of a ballet class is usually done at a ballet barre either free standing or attached to a wall. The exercises done at the barre are done to warm up a dancer's muscles and to create strength and good technique.

Some common barre exercises are:

Centre WorkEdit

The second half of a ballet class is done in the centre of the studio without the aide of a barre, and usually focuses on learning adage and allegro combinations, in addition to separate steps. Some exercises in this portion of the class stay still (Center work) and other exercises move across the classroom (Across the Floor).

Some common centre exercises are:

Class DressEdit

The traditional uniform for a girls/woman's ballet class is pink tights, a black leotard, and pink leather ballet shoes with the hair pulled away form the face into a bun; however, there are many variations, and what is appropriate or required varies greatly upon the individual studio.